Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine's Day Gifts - Food edition

I feel as if Valentine's Day isn't one of those celebrations to go all out on for gifts. I prefer the idea of baking something rather than buying something because everyone loves food, and there are endless ways to create the perfect Valentine's food gift. I made a compilation of some ideas of my own, as well as pictures I found from pinterest

Heart-Shaped Yam Fries

  • 1 yam
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • heart-shaped cookie cutter
  1. Slice yams width-wise and use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut hearts. You may need to warm up the yam in the microwave to soften it before cutting (make sure to poke holes in the yam before placing in the microwave!)
  2. Heat up oil on cooking pan on medium heat
  3. Cook yams and flip until fully cooked on both sides (about 8 minutes)

Heart-Shaped Eggos
You can buy any kind of eggo and use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut them. My grocery store ran out of heart-shapped cutters so I couldn't take a picture :(

From Pinterest:

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