About Me

Fitness advocate, fashion blogger and foodie from Vancouver, BC

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Some facts about me:
  1. You can win me over with food
  2. I love to cook
  3. I love to dead lift
  4. I can play an abundance of sports, but I'm mediocre at all of them...My favourites are: soccer, volleyball and gymnastics
  5. I'm on the SFU cheerleading team
  6. I'm a Nutella addict
  7. I have scoliosis
  8. I love reading business books, but I'm not majoring in business
  9. I love reading facts about food and nutrition - I'm very interested in the effects of food on one's body
  10. I love keeping myself super busy to the point where I have no time to relax
  11. And to contradict my previous point, I rather stay in than go out
  12. I believe I have idiopathic craniofacial erythema

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